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#1 Re: General Modding Discussions » Saan po makakabili ng ganito dito sa atin help naman po.. » 2011-12-06 20:08:12

Check mo Hans Tools, Edsa Shang 5th Floor.
Last time, dun ako nakabili ng Dremel chuck.

#2 Re: Case Modding 101 » Refining Turbine » 2010-03-16 22:26:56

Dont forget to put adhesive fully to the tip:)

#5 Re: Case Modding 101 » Refining Turbine » 2010-03-16 22:23:39

Check my output.


Turn on again the unit to refine the tip and check if theres still unnecessary wiggle.


No wiggle:))


#6 Re: Case Modding 101 » Refining Turbine » 2010-03-16 22:21:04

Turn on the unit and use file to scape off unnecessary wiggle.

apply small amount of pressure, the tip will align to its center axis. (thats why im not yet fixed the tip to the blade)


#7 Re: Case Modding 101 » Refining Turbine » 2010-03-16 22:17:41

The thought of this method is same as lathe machines

Using slow speed setting..


#8 Re: Case Modding 101 » Refining Turbine » 2010-03-16 22:15:29

Using any rotary tool, mount the fan blade.

I am using my Dremel 400:))


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