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#9 2010-05-11 09:30:21

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Re: Patti... the ghetto case build

Well, that makes two of us for the ModBros Eco Contest 2011!

If you are up to it, there is a similar contest from ArgosMods and the prizes are not that bad.  How are you in Spanish?  Argos, if you remember, is the guy that won the Free Form Category with his Jet tail mod, Pulqui at ModBros. He then organized his own Eco/Green Contest and he invited us at ModdinMx. A couple of guys entered but only one finished and he got a not too shabby 4th place.  Here is the link to that contest: … ournament/

As far as I understand, it is open to the whole world, not just by invite because at the beginning, it looked like not too many were going to enter. However the last couple of weeks a bunch registered, saving the event, hehe.

I declined because I had already entered NMC's First Anniversary Contest which BTW has not been judged yet (and it is 3 weeks behind schedule). No places, prizes or anything, not a peep! Not too many entered, probably because it was too close to the Showdown and the worst part was that there were no announced prizes like at ArgosMods or near the end like at ModBros. Most of us don't enter just for "bragging rights", even a trophy or diploma would have been fine.

Anyways I plan to enter both contests with the same eco/green mod. If you enter the ModBros which is first, you can enter the ArgosMods one with the same mod and log. If you don't want to write a lot in Spanish, short descriptions and pics are enough. In most of Latin America they don't post detailed logs like we do elsewhere. One guy practically entered just photos with a couple of sentences here and there so not to worry. Since they are not open to comments, you don't have to answer anyone in Spanish. Which is good and bad depending on who you ask. Clearing the first, the other is just "for the ride" like they say.

I like contest where you can enter one mod from another, not like the one at OCN ( which is totally closed until the due date and is exclusive to the contest. Of course at the end of the contest you can do anything with the mod, so after July 1 I will be able to post it here, hehe.

So much for now. Just dream up a super mod for both contests. It will be tough, but I guess we couldn't expect less.

Later Bro.

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2010-05-11 09:30:21

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Re: Patti... the ghetto case build


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