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#1 2012-12-01 11:58:29

Noob faialage
From: cebu
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What do i need to start modding?

Hello! i have been interested in modding cases for a while and would like to start. however, i dont really know where to get any of the tools i see people use on videos. mostly i watch mnpctech's channel on youtube and im pretty sure its going to cost me a lot if i decide to buy anything from them. i live in cebu btw. any information on what tools ill need would be pretty useful big_smile


2012-12-01 11:58:29

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Re: What do i need to start modding?


#2 2012-12-03 23:25:28

From: Valenzuela
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Re: What do i need to start modding?

before you buy anything you must have created your mod in your mind. from then on research on what tool is needed for a certain procedure. get some basic tools you can find and then maybe get a dremel. big_smile

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