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CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Hi guys!

Just want to share to you my review of Cooler Master's CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical gaming keyboard. Cooler Master sent me one to check it out and here are my findings about this mechanical keyboard.


For those who are new to a Mechanical Keyboard, it is a type of keyboard that uses “switches” for each keys instead of a rubber dome that a typical “membrane” keyboard uses. Each key in a mechanical keyboard has its own mechanism and is independent from one another.

The Quick Fire Rapid has a Blue Cherry MX switch, which I think is great for both gaming and typing. While other's prefer the Black one, Brown or Red.


Below are the basic features of this mechanical gaming keyboard:
[uli]Mechanical CHERRY MX switches
Windows Keys disabled in GAME mode
Extra key-caps bundled (with keypuller)
Laser-marked keycaps
Anti Ghosting
NKRO in PS/2 mode
Multimedia shortcuts
Rubber coated Keyboard surface
Removable braided USB cable with cable routing[/uli]

And here's the specifications of this keyboard:
[uli]Key Switch: CHERRY Blue / Black / Brown
N Key Rollover: N key in PS/2 mode
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz /1 ms
Interface: USB / PS2
Extra Keys: 6 pcs
Keycap Puller: Yes
USB Cable: Removable
Dimensions: 355(L)x135(W)x35(H) mm
Weight: 940 grams[/uli]

I'm sure you are very much eager to see the actual picture of the keyboard so here they are:




Below are images of the keyboard itself, top, side, back and angle view.





The keyboard’s surface (not including the keys) has a nice and soft rubber coating. The key-caps are laser mark for superior quality and craftsmanship. The Caps Lock, F9 and Scroll Lock keys are the only keys that have a red LED indicator. The “Windows logo” on the Windows button is replaced by the CM Storm logo or Cooler Master logo.


The W,A,S,D buttons can be replaced with the red arrow buttons when in gaming mode. Aside from the arrows imprinted on the top portion of the red keycaps, the letters W,A,S,D are also imprinted on the side portion respectively.

All the key caps in the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid is removable, and can easily be removed using the keycap puller included in the package. Although I have not tried removing the bigger keys like spacebar and enter key.



Underneath the CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid is a three way path for the USB cable for easy cable management. Like a typical keyboard, it also has an adjustable feet.



The CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid doesn't have a software, rather it doesn't need any software for you to use. There are no programmable keys anyway. What I like about Cherry Blue MX switch is that it helps me type better, and also the clicky sound.

What I like about the Quick Fire Rapid is that it's compact and easy to bring especially during LAN parties. It’s very durable and will definitely last longer compared to regular type of keyboards. And it feels great on my fingers too!

But this doesn't have any numerical keys. For some gamers the numerical keys are not really needed at all. But when you are typing or doing something that involves numbers, this would be a disadvantage for you.

Locally, the Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire Rapid mechanical gaming keyboard is priced at around Php3,300 to Php3,800. Mechanical Keyboards are usually priced above $100 USD. Perhaps the exclusion of the numerical keypad made it more cheaper.

If you are looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard under the Php4,000 price mark, the CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid is definitely a great choice.

UPDATE: Cooler Master has also released CM Stork QuickFire TK. It's also a compact mechanical gaming keyboard. But this one doesn't have arrow keys, instead they are replaced with the numerical keypads and the arrow keys are integrated with them. Best thing about the QuickFire TK is that it's fully backlit. Price is around Php 4,000 to 4,500.



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Re: CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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Re: CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Thanks for posting your reviews. Hope to see more reviews from you smile


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