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700 $ per month gusto mo?

What is Globallshare?
Globallshare is a very powerful new Social Media Platform like Facebook but different in many ways. According to the website:

This is the society of the future
The major problem with the largest worldwide social networking websites is that more and more restrictions are introduced therefore to maintain liaison, to get acquainted with others and to establish new relationships are becoming increasingly difficult.
The goal of GlobAllShare is to set up the largest unrestricted social networking website of the future, here you may really keep in touch with whoever you wish, you may get to know people simply, you may build up new relationships, in an instant you can reach anyone all around the world with what you wish to share with them and anyone may view the postings of yours.
No restrictions
There are no restrictions on the social networking website of GlobAllShare and your postings can be viewed by anyone in the world. The GlobAllShare's objective is to create a really global, social message board worldwide accessible at a time, where you may see every posting and everyone may view your postings as well, thus you will never lose any news any more.
All free
The use of GlobAllShare community is all free. Neither now, nor in the future will you have to pay for the use. You may get services at GlobAllShare's website completely free for which elsewhere you used to pay. Free phone, free video-calls, live web-lectures, web-conference, video-email, SMS sending, games, films, music and all free you may create your own website or web-store, too.
You may get the GlobAllShare's services all free all over the world.

How to earn with Globallshare?

Log in every day.
You will get 1 free share every day that you log in. For example if your total log in days are 20 then you will get 20 shares.
How will you get paid?
Once the site reach the launch date you will be given the opportunity to sell your shares or to keep your shares and collect a monthly income based on a dividend.
Once the site starts working officially you will get a monthly income of your total shares multiplied by the current dividend.
Lets say that the dividend will be $1.
Hence, you will get $2500 per month.
If you dicide to sell your shares you will get 2500 multiplied by the face value of a share.
For example if the face value of 1 share is $29 you will get $72500.
Keep in mind that the above numbers are only examples, so do your own calculations according your own realistic expectations.
In my case I only have 168 shares and the current dividend is $2,81 / share.
So my monthly income from Globallshare will be $472.08 and if I decide to sell my share I will get $4200. It is still a significant amount of money if you consider the fact that you will not do anything to earn that money.
Is it a hoax or an incredible opportunity?
Nobody can say for sure if it is a hoax. If it turns out to be a hoax then I'll be surprised since its a very well designed web site and they even have a very good Android app.
It is very common to come across fake websites that promise large monthly incomes without ever moving your finger so it is normal for people to think that every website that promises money is a hoax.
Why I think that it isn't fake?
It is very well designed.
Everything works flawlessly.
They also developed an Android app.
You will notice that all the users are active and they use the website just like Facebook.
Facebook used a similar way to reach more people when it first started 10 years ago.
It is placed among the 2500 top websites in the world according to

It's look like FACEBOOK but this is COLOR RED!

JOIN NOW *** mka ipon na ng shares :


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Re: 700 $ per month gusto mo?


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