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#1 2015-05-17 12:46:48

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Temperature Issue's

Hi Guys,

Good afternoon.. I need help with my computer. I'm currently using an AMD A8-6600k cpu and hindi ko mapapababa yung temp nya. weird thing about it is pag idle nasa 50+ deg celcius. but if it is working (games or anything) bumababa sya to 38-39 deg celcius. I changed my cpu fan and using t2 blizzard by cooler master but this didn't resolved the issue. I hope makapag bigay kayo ng outputs dito.. hindi pala airconditioned yung room na gamit ko..
as of now nasa 42.5 deg celcius yung thermal margin ng unit ko @ 4095mhz frequency.

set up ko pala.

amd a8 6600k
8g ram
2g vcard
asus mobo a88xm-a
160gb hdd / 1tb hdd
5 exhaust fans
cooler master t2 blizzard (naka turbo mode na)

Tower set up:
two fans (air going inside) - tapat sa hdd's
1 fan sa ibabaw air going insde
1 fan sa likod air going out side
1 fan sa side air going outside
cpu fan - naka tutok yung sa ibabaw na fan.


thanks inadvance.


2015-05-17 12:46:48

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Re: Temperature Issue's


#2 2015-06-04 09:11:09

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Re: Temperature Issue's

My suggestions:

two fans (air going inside) - tapat sa hdd's - ok

1 fan sa ibabaw air going insde - Air should be going out instead of inside since hot air rises. the current setup prevents it.

1 fan sa likod air going out side - Ok

1 fan sa side air going outside - should be going inside instead of out. reason, Your CPU and GPU need cool air to reduce the head. and it will supply cool air blowing to them.

Other suggestions:

- Tidy up your wirings - this will improve airflow
- Check PSU fan, this might not working
- Use aftermarket thermal paste for CPU heatsink

Let us know if my suggestions above help lower your system temperature.

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#3 2015-08-14 00:01:10

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Re: Temperature Issue's

thermal paste at right airflow....


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