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#1 2016-01-02 19:56:27

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Hardware problem?

my laptop is samsung. after i played dota, i pressed alt tab after that it crashes and BSOD appears displaying KERNEL_INPAGE error and then i restarted it. after i logged in, it doesnt display the windows 8 tiles nothing is displayed only cursor its like black screen. restarted it again, before the log in window BSOD appears again and MEMORY MANAGEMENT error appears differrent error before so i tried to repair it using the bootable usb unfortunately it didnt detect my flash drive but at first when the samsung logo appears the flash drive is working it has red light indicator and went to BIOS to setup boot priority but it cant detect it and the flash drive suddenly not working the red light is off. i repeatedly restart then go to BIOS to setup but its not working so since my laptop is samsung it has factory reset program built in it, i recover and when it hits 39% of the recovery it FAILED and it deleted all the files in my hdd. now when i turn on my laptop no operating system and displays to press f4 to the reset program. i tried the bootable usb again and it is not detected again. i dont know exact the problem i guess its in the hardware. anyone can help me with this?


2016-01-02 19:56:27

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Re: Hardware problem?


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Re: Hardware problem?

Is your laptop still have warranty? If you please bring it to Service center. If not, try the last know configuration in windows... While booting press F8 until you see the recovery menu. In your case this probably will not work since you have try to restore in factory.


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