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Optical Drive Painting Guide

DIY: Optical Drive Painting Guide

  Heres a quick and dirty guide on painting your old beige optical drives. this guide includes a step by step tutorial on dis-assembling typical optical drive faceplates and later on painting them to your desired color.             

Materials Needed:

-canned spraypaint and primer                 
-small flathead screwdriver                 
-cotton cloth and isopropyl alcohol                   
-masking tape.               
-a working psu/paperclip                   

any modifications done to you're hardware will void you're warranty. follow this guide at you're own risk!!!               
-disassembling the faceplate-


-our victim, a beige liteon cd writer big_smile


-we need to locate the four locking clips holding heres a shot of the top locking clip.


-the locking clip on the sides.


-now we need to connect the drive to a working psu or you can use a paperclip to push the emergency eject.  so we can open up the drive tray.


-we also need to remove the drive tray cover. start by locating the two locking tabs on the bottom part of the tray.


-use a small flathead screwdriver to unlock the four locking clips. slightly pull out the faceplate while unlocking the clips.


-the faceplates removed.

-prepping and painting

-remove any stickers and labels on the faceplates and use a soft cotton cloth and alcohol to clean the faceplates.
-use some masking tape to mask out any areas you dont want painted. i masked out the eject buttons since painting them would be useless because the paint would eventually fade from frequent pushing of the eject button.
-start by applying thin even coats of epoxy primer, let dry for 30 mins.
-start appyling the color paint. i used flat black bosny acrylic epoxy paint i've had great results with bosny paints on plastics. just make sure to properly prep your plastics prior to painting. acrylic epoxy paints take around 2 hours to properly dry and about 24 hours to cure.

heres a shot of the painted face plates.


and finally the finished product.


too much to mod, too little time....


2007-07-27 21:06:57

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Re: Optical Drive Painting Guide


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