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#89 2010-03-17 00:36:03

From: gross_earnings....bulacan
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Re: "Violet Reaction"

well, same here, am very much eager to see how it will be done step by step. i will be on monitor gabriel d7....

i have an idea, i hope in the next few days i could start my mod also...i am planning na mag modz ng isang pc set ala laptop sya
to eliminate so much cabling. the monitor will be attached sa cpu nya thru a special type of hinge...i hope anybody from the group would want to entertain the idea...perhaps i would want also to call it "poor man's laptop" (ANYTOP) perhaps...tnx


I'm worried, my gross earnings not enough to feed them....:/


2010-03-17 00:36:03

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Re: "Violet Reaction"


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