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SotfXpand™ 2011

SoftXpand 2011 is a software solution that turns any STANDARD PC into multiple independent workstations. Each workstation operates independently and offers top performance and high flexibility. That means each user may run any application simultaneously, including, for example, a heavy graphics applications, multi-media software, integrated learning systems and curriculum-oriented programs.

SoftXpand 2011 is already being used used by over 100,000 users around the globe.

SoftXpand 2011 is ideal for applications in a variety of vertical markets including:

    Call Centers
    Internet Cafes
    Financial Institutions
    Government Organizations
    Manufacturing Companies

SoftXpand 2011 is based on a new break-through technology that supports Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions, 32 or 64 bits) and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems. SoftXpand 2011 supports more workstations and is limited only by hardware performance. SoftXpand 2011 has new look and feel. The new design provides an enhanced user experience and ease of use.

SoftXpand 2011 does NOT REQUIRE any PROPRIETARY HARDWARE and offers flexible ways how to connect the additional workstations. Each workstations only needs a monitor, keyboard, mouse & a video card output port.

SoftXpand 2011 Proprietary resource-sharing and load-balancing algorithm maximizes the utilization of a PC\'s power and cleverly allocates its resources among the different workstations.


The Ultimate Solution for your I.T. Infrastructure

Today, more than ever before, businesses run on I.T. Companies of all sectors and sizes experience increasing dependability on computers. As increased computerization takes place, its financial and environmental impact has become very evident.

The SoftXpand 2011 innovative, award-winning technology allows multiple users to work simultaneously, independently and seamlessly while relying on a single computer.

The result:
     High definition user experience at reduced cost and carboon footprints.


The Cost-Effective Solution for Expanding Your PC Access

Organizations worldwide face a unique challenge: Budgets are tight, on the one hand while, on the other, the demand for computational environment keeps growing. Committed to top performance and high flexibility, SoftXpand 2011 desktop virtualization solution provides computer access for everyone while drastically reducing your Total Cost of Ownership.

With only one host computer needed for multiple workstations, SoftXpand 2011 simplifies operating your multi workstations site, and offers a reliable computing experience.

SoftXpand 2011 offers solutions that are adapted to different types of users. Each solution is designed to provide added-value for niche-specific implementations.

SoftXpand 2011 is used in many sectors, including educational institutions, banks, libraries, call centres, internet cafes, hotels and others.

Whether your organization is a school, library, bank, call center or government organization,SoftXpand's innovative solution is the ideal solution for your I.T. infrastructure. SoftXpand 2011 is dedicated to offering software-only technology that is a true replacement for hardware, and it thereby offers exclusive, unmatched benefits:

     Reduces TCO Dramatical

     - With fewer computers, you can significantly reduce your initial purchase costs, minimize maintenance time and expenses, and cut down on the electricity needed to power and cool your machines

    Supports Your IT Environment and Decreases Maintenance Cost

     - Finding a way to maximize computational power is a goal many organizations have set to achieve. SoftXpand enables you to maintain only one host computer in a single location to provide multiple workstations. Hardware and software installed on the PC are shared, and upgrading involves replacing only a single computer. In fact, SoftXpand helps reduce maintenance costs significantly.

    Offers a Simple Switch to Green IT

     - SoftXpand marks a new generation of Green I.T. With fewer computers, you consume 75% less energy, cut down on C02 emissions by 80%, and reduce your e-waste by 80%. Furthermore, the manufacturing of multiple SoftXpand workstations requires a fraction of the amount of energy needed to produce the same amount of standard PCs. Join the fight for a better environment and reduce your carbon
footprint with SoftXpand.

     Ensures Robust Performance

     - With its unique up-and-coming virtualization technology which enables resource sharing, SoftXpand 2011 maximizes the full power capacity of each PC you own. As with a standard PC, your desktop content is protected by folder access rights, private user IDs, and customized access details. Each workstation supports standard software applications, high screen resolution, multimedia sound, full-motion video, and heavy graphic applications – all in a highly reliable, high-speed processing environment which maintains a seamless user experience.

  Enables Maximum Flexibility and Scalability

     - Clever I.T. is about staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, while maintaining flexibility. This is even more significant in the often inflexible nature of I.T. infrastructures. SoftXpand 2011 offers you the best desktop virtualization solution that meets your needs today and can grow as you grow tomorrow.

     Facilitates Better Work Environment

     - It is common knowledge that there is a direct link between a good working environment and productivity. MiniFrame’s “Doing more with less” philosophy translates to a better work environment at your organization. No messy cables, no cumbersome hardware, SoftXpand 2011 solution not only provides more free space at the desk or at the cube, it also means less heat is generated so clean air is maintained and less noise enables better quality of work.

To know more about SoftXpand 2011 and FREE TRIAL VERSIONS you may visit

You may also reach us at

     MANILA OFFICE Tel No. (02) 298.5505 /0923.732.9507 / 09223875.9626

     TACLOBAN OFFICE Tel No. (053) 325.2888 / 523.8288   

     ILOILO OFFICE Tel No. (033) 509.8982

     CEBU OFFICE Tel No. (032) 422.4056 - 58

You may also send us your questions and concerns to
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