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#1 2013-01-25 16:32:29

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Put The Hdd On Slave Mode

Currently My Default Hdd/primary Master Is A 40gb Ata Wd Hdd, My Os Is Win 7, My Spec Is P5g41c-m Lx Motherboard, Intel Pentium E5800 Dual Core 3.20ghz Processor And A 2gb Team Elite Ddr2 Memory. Now, All I Want To Know Is How To Slave A Hdd That Has A Os On It, The Case Is My 40gb Is Too Small For Me And I Cant Help It But To Stick With It Since I Dont Want To Format It Because I Have A Lots Of Important Files On It And I Have A 80gb Ata Wd Hdd So I Want To Make It The 80gb A Slave So That I Can Have A Additional Storage For My Files And So That It Would Not Be Hassle For Me. Please Help Me, Thanks.


2013-01-25 16:32:29

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Re: Put The Hdd On Slave Mode


#2 2013-02-19 13:37:04

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Re: Put The Hdd On Slave Mode

When you saying ATA your refering to IDE right? Does both HDD connected to the same IDE cable?

If connected to the same IDE Cable (IDE slot):

1. Connect the Primary HDD (Master) to the end of the Cable, make sure to set the jumper to CS (Cable Select)
2. Connect the Secondary HDD (Slave) to the middle connector of the cable, make sure to set the jumper to CS (Cable Select)

Please note that there are some cases that CS cannot be automatically detected so you may need to set the jumper manually to master and slave.

Hope it works.

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Re: Put The Hdd On Slave Mode

Hi make sure to check the jumper in your hard drive. There should be a jumper switch that so that it will tell your computer that this drive is not primary, making it secondary slave or primary slave.


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