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PC airflow and heat - a cooling guide

PC airflow and heat - a cooling guide
by Doug Kronlund

Published October 13, 2003


Why you should consider it: The quest for cooling sparks many a debate in the forums. Each has their own unique perspective on how many fans and where to place them. We've placed quite a few fans in our history. One case had over eleven 80mm. fans and two 92mm. fans not counting the heatsink and northbridge fans. We went stark raving nuts with the AMK1708 which generated a whopping 1708 CFM!

Low temperatures are what we want. PC cases become like Swiss cheese riddled with fan holes in the quest for cooling. Is there an optimum configuration? Is one cooling fan enough or is it the combination of fans? One PC case was set aside and filled with fans to find out just what combination works best for airflow's effect on heat.

For more information … ling_guide



2007-08-17 10:35:52

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Re: PC airflow and heat - a cooling guide


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