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Casemodding FAQ's

Casemodding, Modding is a slang expression that is derived from the verb, "modify", and the noun, "modification". The term can refer to the act of modifying a piece of hardware or software to perform a function not intended by someone with legal rights concerning that modification.

Case modification (commonly referred to as Case modding) is the modification of a computer chassis (often just referred to as the case), or a video game console chassis. Modifying a computer case in any non-standard way is considered a case mod. Many people, particularly hardware enthusiasts, use case mods to illustrate a computer's power (by showing off the internal hardware), and also for aesthetic purposes.

Another reason to modify a case is to improve the computer's performance, features, or cooling, when purchasing upgrades is not possible. Modified computers are often found at LAN parties where their owners display them. Case modding can be viewed as a form of self expression, resulting in some mods being built around a theme.


When personal computers became mainstream, the majority were produced in simple, beige-colored cases. This functional design was often referred to as a beige box. Although this served the purpose of containing the components of the personal computer, many users saw their computers as "tacky" or "dull", and began modifying their existing chassis, or building their own from scratch.

Case modification later became more accepted when the Apple iMac was released, which had a design in stark contrast to the beige box. As the price of computers fell and competition increased, system builders began selling PCs in black, charcoal, and other colored cases. A new market for third-party computer cases and accessories began to develop. Computer cases now come in a large variety of colors and styles.

Today the business of "modding" computers and their cases is a hugely profitable endeavour. Modding competitions are commonly held at gaming events and prizes are awarded for categories such as the most original mod. Some of the most non-computer related items have been used as housing for computers (usually called artistic modding, where anything goes). Most competitors attempt to make something unique, and consider their creations works of art.

Types of modding done on a typcal PC Cases.
Window mods: Putting a window within one of the panels of a computer case. This is most often done to the left hand side panel, and less often to the top panel. This modification is so popular that many of the major case manufacturers now offer cases with the windows pre-installed, or replaceable side panels with a window installed. Some companies even offer entire cases made out of transparent materials. A window kit may be modified to hold an LCD screen. Laser engraving can be done on acrylic windows to add a distinct look to a modded case.

Lighting mods: A lighting mod refers to lighting in or on the computer cases. This is usually achieved with cold cathode lights, LED case fans, or electroluminescent wire lights. The lights are sometimes paired with sound controllers that make the lights pulse in time to sound. CCLs come in long tubes and generally produce a little bit of heat. LEDs come in many sizes and forms, most often seen in bars similar to CCLs or within fans, called LED fans. Electroluminescent wire, which takes the form of a small light rope, is often embedded in cables such as SATA cables.

Lighting modifications are often paired with window mods to help show off the components.

Cooling mods: There are many modifications that can fall into this category. The most common one is simply drilling a mount for a new fan. Others include air ducts, water cooling, filtering, sealing openings to promote better air flow, or even the adding of a tank of pressurized carbon dioxide to the case. These modifications are often done by overclockers either looking for better cooling for hot components or sound reduction. Modding kits are available, and some companies sell pre-made cases modified for better cooling.

Spray paint: Painting a case is another method of distinguishing your work from others. Spray paint is the common method preferred among amateur modders. There are many spray painting guides for amateur modders. The finish cannot be compared to automotive paint or powder coating, but is a simple way to change the look of a case.

too much to mod, too little time....


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Re: Casemodding FAQ's


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Re: Casemodding FAQ's

wew always and never bro smile

Asking why? because I can!


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Re: Casemodding FAQ's

where can i find shop that mods acryllic casing? how much will it cost? (planning to bu HP casing for 500 bucks and turn it into "maybe nicest" casing"


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Re: Casemodding FAQ's


Visit this thread:

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